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Holmes HAP242 Desktop Air Purifier Review




In the past ten years, there has been an increasing demand for powerful and reliable air purifiers as people start to realize their importance in terms of their health and lifestyle. One of the integral elements in running an office space or household in indoor air quality.

The quality of air indoors is one of the crucial components in maintaining a healthy indoor environment, free from illnesses such as respiratory diseases. Therefore, people who are concerned about this problem are looking for an air purifier that is capable of getting rid of airborne contaminants. These may include bacteria, dust, molds, pet dander, smoke, and viruses.

What makes an air purifier appealing is when it comes with a great blend of quality and affordability.  Most people nowadays are looking for products that have the best value for their hard-earned money. The Holmes HAP242 HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier is both affordable and high-quality.  It has gained good reviews from consumers do to its performance and budget-friendly price. This article will highlight several of its great features, benefits, and drawbacks.

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Holmes HAP242 HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier Features

The Holmes HAP242 HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier comes with an amazing set of features which help set it apart from other models in the market. This air purifier is ideal for those who are looking for a reliable yet inexpensive way in purifying the indoor air in their home or office space.

Design and Construction

holmes hap242 filterThe Holmes HAP242 HEPA Air Purifier is a desktop machine that has the dimensions of 14.8 x 11.4 x 7.2 inches. It is also incredibly lightweight at only 6.7 pounds. The machine is made from a durable plastic material. The unit housing comes with a microban protection that minimizes microbial growth such as mold and mildew. The unit also sports a slim and compact design which makes it great for any desktop.

HEPA-Type Filter

The Holmes HAP242 HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier is capable of eliminating 99.97% of airborne contaminants with a size 2 microns. HEPA-type filters are different from pure HEPA filters. Air purifiers with HEPA-type filters are considered less efficient in capturing airborne contaminants smaller than 1 micron when compared to air purifiers with pure HEPA filters. Nonetheless, HEPA-type air purifiers are more affordable and well-suited as a starter unit.

Recommended for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Most people who are interested in the Holmes HAP242 HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier are asthma and allergy sufferers. People who have used the unit first hand noted how effective it is in eliminating airborne contaminants. Based on their experience, they don’t sneeze that much quite often and those suffering from asthma did not experience any severe asthma attacks.

holmes hap242 benefits

Applicable Area of Operation

Regardless of what position you place this air purifier, it is suitable for rooms measuring 109 square feet. The Holmes HAP242 HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier is an excellent air purifier for small to medium-sized rooms but its performance will be somewhat underwhelming if used in larger rooms. If you are looking for an air purifier for your large bedroom or living room, you might as well check out other models. However, if you are looking to station the unit in a small bedroom, this air purifier is perfect for the job.

Optional Ionizer

The Holmes HAP242 HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier also comes with an optional ionizer feature. This setting allows you to set the unit to remove different types of odor. The ionizer serves as a binder for dust and smoke to form larger particles so that it could be easily captured by the filter. This is one of the great features praised by many as most models belong in the same price range as the Holmes HAP242 HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier do not have this kind of capability.

Three Fan Speed Settings

Older, traditional air purifiers only offer two fan speed settings. The Holmes HAP242 HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier is different as it provides three different fan speed settings. This allows you to set the machine to operate in a setting that you are most comfortable with. Setting the unit at the lowest setting allows the unit to operate silently with decent purifying power. On the other hand, setting the unit at the highest setting greatly improves its operation but produces some white noise.

Filter Change Indicator

It is recommended that air filters are regularly cleaned and replaced every once or twice a year. You may need to replace filters quite often if you regularly use the unit. The Holmes HAP242 HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier comes with a filter change indicator. This can let you know if it is the right time to change the unit’s filter.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Lightweight and company
  • Silent operation
  • Affordably priced


  • Only suitable for small to medium-sized rooms

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Final Thoughts

The Holmes HAP242 HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier is definitely a great investment. It has the great blend of affordability and quality. Most air purifiers in the same price range do not perform as well as this unit. Its lightweight and compact design makes it an ideal addition to any desk at home or in the office. Given that you have provided the unit proper care and maintenance, expect that it can last for many years. The great reviews that this unit has all over the internet are already great indications of how amazing this product is.

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