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PureAirSupply.com is a list of the top indoor air treatment products – air purifiers, humidifiers, and deodorizers – for people who aren’t keen on burning multiple hours researching a seemingly simple purchase. While these products may seem simple and for the most part… the same; we can assure you that like most things the devil is in the details. Everything we recommend is a winner in one regard or another. We don’t focus on presenting you with anything other than the things we would use ourselves. That’s why we built PureAirSupply.com; we want people to get what they pay for and breathe the best air possible.

Our site has been around for a while and we’ve learned the ins, and outs, of what makes the best air purifier, humidifier, or deodorizer tick. What makes them a smart buy. And, what justifies a substantial price gap. We think everyone deserves better air, and we’re doing our best to help people breathe easier. Our domain hit the Web back in 2011, and we intend to continue learning, sharing and growing.

Our Mission:

Every person deserves to breathe pure air. Our job is to make it easier for you to find and buy great products, that meet your needs, quickly. We do the heavy lifting, you do a minimal amount of reading, and get on with your life.

How We Operate:

The recommendations we make, as a team, require roughly two weeks to develop (sometimes a bit more if the research is unusually technical, or a product is new to the market). To select a product or group of products; we start by researching a question. For example: do air purifiers help with cigarette smoke? From there we dedicate a team member to the project, and after a week or so they return with an answer. From there we put it out there for the whole world to see. Hoping that we’ve made someone’s decision easy.

For full disclosure; most of the items we feature aren’t top-of-the-line (or overpriced). If you’re searching for a conversation piece to brag about price tags and how it’s only used in laboratories… look elsewhere. All of our suggested products are widely available, and cover a range of prices that pretty much anyone can afford.  They are the products we’d buy, gift, or donate.

How We Pay The Bills:

We have never, nor will we ever, feature paid advertisements on PureAirSupply.com. It creates a large conflict of interest and we think it dilutes the weight of our recommendations. So how do we pay for things like hosting, administration, and writers? Throughout our site you’ll see links to Amazon.com and when you click… then buy; we receive a small referral fee (at no cost to you). For more information on the affiliate program check out the disclaimer in our footer. 

“But, doesn’t this create a conflict of interest?” you ask. Perhaps a very, very small one. But, by using a platform that carries almost every product on the face of the planet we believe that it’s the best way to stay honest while paying the bills. It also allows us to recommend products of our choosing. Plus, it keeps us out of the seedy world of click baiting the Web with silly headlines, hyped up reviews, and fabricated controversy.

Ultimately, earning your trust is important to all of us at PureAirSupply.com. And, if you ever feel that we cross the line into the realm of shady practices; call us out. Let us know where we went wrong and we’ll do our best to make things right.

Finally, if you’d like to help support PureAirSupply.com you can do so by buying things from Amazon using this link.

Final Thoughts:

Thanks for giving us a chance to provide input on what we believe is an important buying decision. We know choosing the best air purifier isn’t something that will become your next hobby, or even something you’ll talk about over lunch. But, if we can help clean the air your children breathe, provide some allergy relief, or even help keep the smell of pot smoke at bay… we’ll be happy. Thanks again and take care.

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