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Is your office a little too dusty for easy breathing? Are you trying to control pet hair and dander? Would you rather give up space on your table than some of your floor? The Oreck Air Purifier Tabletop XL Professional may meet your needs. We’ve composed a thorough review of the product’s features and performance standards. After that, we compared these manufacturer claims to actual user sentiments to separate sales pitches from reality.

Oreck Air Purifier Tabletop XL Professional Product Review


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Although it’s small, this tabletop product includes six stages of filtration. A pre-filter catches the largest particles, shielding all the following filters. This prolongs the product’s life and helps the other filters function better longer. Stages two and three, immediately behind the pre-filter, charge and catch slightly smaller particles with the aid of a Truman Cell. Stage four is optional. It consists of an Odor Absorber Plus filter, which catches volatile organic compounds that create odors. This filter is especially important for people looking to reduce kitchen, pet, or smoking smells.

An Oxygenator converts ozone to oxygen, which is a nice change of pace. Quite a few popular filters actually generate ozone as a way to weight particles so they sink out of breathable air. The Tabletop XL provides the opposite, generating more clean, oxygen-rich air for users. Immediately after the Oxygenator is the Revitalizer, the sixth step. It gives particles a negative charge so they stick to surfaces rather than circulating through the air. This feature can be turned on or off at will, so you can emphasize particle removal or oxygen production at your own discretion. The major filters can be cleaned with soap and water, which means they never need to be replaced.


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This purifier doesn’t try to disguise itself. It’s 16.6 by 12 by 5.7 inches, and it looks more or less like a box with vents. Still, it’s designed to fit tidily on a table or other flat surface, and since it can rest flat or stand on its base, it meets that goal well. Still, it takes up about the same area as a small printer would, so it may fit better on an end table or tray rather than a heavily used desk in a home office.

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The control panel is very simple and easy to access. It’s positioned on the bottom right corner of the front panel, so no matter how you position the device, it’s easy to reach. The vent at the top of the purifier also has a rolling control to help users angle the airflow. This feature might be particularly useful for those using this as a desktop workroom purifier.

Capacity and Energy Use

This product can only handle small rooms. Its maximum range is limited to an office, kitchen, or small bedroom. However, it can be left running continuously for clean air, and the purifier only uses as much energy as an 85 watt light bulb. Three different speeds allow users to adjust the purifier to handle not only different levels of air pollution, but also to meet preferred energy consumption standards.

Additional Features

Sound is a major concern for continuously running products, and this purifier’s Silence Technology helps keep the noise down. A Check Collector Cell lights alerts owners when it’s time to clean the filter, which may seem like a hassle, but is a major money saver. The purifier also features a nightlight and a fragrance cartridge. A limited three year warranty protects new buyers, and ensures the quality of the product’s parts.

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Customer Sentiment

Previous buyers have a lot to say about this product. Although many attest to the durability of the purifier, they found it was not terribly efficient in high traffic regions of their home. Some users found relief from their COPD and allergy symptoms, but other users claim that the purifier failed homemade smoke tests and made no noticeable difference in dust levels. It received high praise from pet owners, however, which may be due in part to the purifier’s ability to handle large particles well. A number of repeat buyers noted a loss in durability in the newer models.

Noise was a major issue for many previous buyers. Although some users enjoyed the white noise of the high mode and found the low setting nearly silent, others found the sound annoying. Others reported a strange crackling sound after extended use. Previous buyers revealed that the machine is highly sensitive to moisture, large particles, and even cold air. Frequent cleanings and resets appear to be the only solution to this issue.

Final Thoughts

This purifier is well suited to very specific situations. If users are able to make a reasonable initial investment, but can’t afford changeable filters, this is a solid option. Unfortunately, cleanable filters are simply not as effective as replaceable options. This purifier has no HEPA filter, which means there are no guarantees about the size or amount of particles it removes from the air. The XL’s range is another concern. It is really designed for desks or side tables, and it can only handle small, enclosed spaces. Even a large bedroom would probably be too much for this purifier to filter efficiently.

Safety is another concern. There’s no evidence that the crackling sound is a short, but it’s still a concern. The open vents pose a greater threat. Small children with curious fingers could easily damage themselves or the product with a few inquisitive pokes. It shouldn’t be a problem with older children, but families with toddlers might want to consider more child-friendly options.

Because of the mixed feedback, analyzing this product is a challenge. Some previous buyers saw great results, but a surprising number did not get the results they were expecting. That’s a major issue, and it likely signifies a substandard product. If you can afford it, always look for products with at least a few replaceable filters, especially those with genuine HEPA technology. Those will do the best job cleaning your air. If cost-efficiency is more important than superior quality, though, and you only need to clean the air in a very small space, this product may meet your standards.

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Summary: It is not the prettiest purifier, nor the most effective. In the world of desk and tabletop purifiers it is one of the average performing options available. We do like the washable filter, but think we could recommend a better unit if you have a flexible budget.


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