Oransi Air Purifier Reviews – Our Favorite… and the Rest

Our Favorite Oransi Model – the Max

Oransi Air Purifier Review - pure air supply


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A hard working home needs a hard working air purifier, one that’s going to put in the effort day in and day out. The Max Air by Oransi was rated number one in a comprehensive university study on air cleaners. Great for mold spores, dust, allergies, pets and asthma. Plus, it’s safe for babies and pets and to cap it off is Energy Star certified by AHAM test labs. Sounds like a breath of fresh air.

So let’s talk specs.

Oransi’s Max Air Purifier has a filter proven to last 3,000 hours. Is that a long time? Think of it this way; humans take about 960 breaths per hour, which means the Air Max has you covered for your next 2,880,000 breaths. Woah. With the longevity comes a strong filter trio. This machine has three separate filters working on your behalf: a prefilter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter. All three work in harmony to provide pure, fresh air. Plus, this hard working filter trio is five times certified, those certifications being: ETL, GS, CE, CARB, and BoHS certified. Looks like a five-peat.

But, can this purifier go the distance in a large space?

While it doesn’t boast the largest range, it can cover 1,200 square feet, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. On top of the solid coverage, Oransi’s Max Air is 99% efficient and does it all while being practically silent. On fan speed level one it registers at 34 dB and caps out at 53 dB when turned onto turbo.

How about features?

The Max Air isn’t really about flash; it’s more concerned with getting the job done. For features it has all you need and nothing you don’t: electronic display, air quality monitor, timer settings, a dust and gas sensor, filter replacement indicator and an auto fan mode. Auto fan mode? Yep, Max Air monitors the air quality and will adjust the fan speed as necessary to ensure the constant and consistent quality of your breathing air. Pretty neat.

A long term and committed Purifier.

The three-filter system will outlast a lot of relationships. These filters won’t need to be changed for 12 months, and the warranty lasts longer than a lot of marriages at 10 hard earned years. That’s right, even though it’s sold open box, you still get that hearty warranty. Plus, buying through Oransi is, based upon customer reviews, an enjoyable experience that leaves you feeling confident that any issues will be resolved in a timely manner.

This purifier is no super model of the market, but if you’re looking for one that’s dependable and long lasting, with strong reviews and a shelf filled with certifications, look for the Oransi Max Air Purifier.

Open Box Option

We all want the dependability and reliability of a brand new appliance, but also the nice low price of a used one. Of course, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Or can you?

Oransi says yes, actually, you can. This Oransi Max air purifier is open box, which means it was sent to a customer who opened it, maybe used it, then decided to send it back. If it was used, the filters get replaced and you can buy a brand new air purifier for a used price. If they send it back unused, you can buy a brand new air purifier for a used price. Let them eat cake.

If you are looking at the open box model be sure to compare prices on Amazon. Sometimes the price for a new model on Amazon is the same as an open box or refurbished model elsewhere.

Other Oransi Models…

Oransi’s product line is pretty solid. It should be. The Oransi’s founder and CEO was involved in another Austin Texas based purifier company… Alen. And, if you spend any time on our site you will see that Alen is one of our favorite purifier manufacturers. Now we’re not going to dive into the details of the split… we probably don’t know the whole story anyway. However, what we do know is that Oransi has insanely good customer service.

They also have some great products that are worth a look if you have your sights set on an Alen purifier. We’ll save an Alen vs Oransi purifier shootout for another day, but for now, we’ll review them against our favorite Oransi covered above.

Oransi Air Purifier Review - pure air supply

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Compared to our favorite Oransi air purifier this model has some clear upsides. First, it’s more affordable. More than $100 more affordable. But, it still has that awesome 10 -year warranty and previously-mentioned stellar customer service.

What it’s missing is the horsepower to cover 600 square feet. The OV200 maxes out at a respectable 400 square feet. But, it does offer a remote, HEPA/Carbon combo, and a 12-month filter life.

It’s not as attractive as the Max, but as they say… beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Oransi Air Purifier Review - pure air supply

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Oransi’s Finn is also more affordable than the Max, but when you compare its price against the OV200 we doubt you’ll opt for the Finn. The room size is the same (maybe a bit overly optimistic) and the filter lasts twice as long. However, we just prefer the design, appearance, and specifications offered by the OV200. There may be some situations where this model’s small footprint earns a slight advantage, but we’d recommend comparing other tower purifiers if that’s the case.


Oransi Air Purifier Review - pure air supply

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The Oransi EJ costs a lot more than any of the Oransi models discussed above. But, it’s made it the USA. That typically leads to higher MSRP’s. But, does it perform at a level the price tag indicates? We’d probably buy it for the motor alone. It could very well be the best we’ve seen. It’s  super quiet and buttery smooth, but Oransi claims its ultra efficient. On its lowest setting, the sound reading is sub 20 dB. That’s impressive.

The carbon content is also pretty surprising. The EJ provides about 3.5 pounds of odor-adsorbing activated carbon in its filter. Not as much as Austin Air’s, but impressive none-the-less. Almost as impressive is the heft of this machine. It weighs about 27 pounds. Which is expected when you consider that the exterior is cold rolled steel.

You’ll also be surprised to learn that this purifier’s filter carries a MERV rating, something typically associated with whole house HVAC filtration. The rating is an impressive 17, which is very respectable. But, perhaps not as much as the ability to cover rooms as large as 1,500 square feet. That’s pretty awesome.

Oh… and fun fact; both Google and Nasa use Oransi Purifiers.


The Erik is like the EJ but turned up to eleven (vs just ten). In other words… it’s big. And expensive. We’ll get around to a review one of these days, but for now we’d probably choose a purifier under $1,000 instead, and if we needed a lot of purifying power and had over $1,000 to burn… we’d buy two units.



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HEPA Filter

Summary: Oransi makes great purifiers. However, the only thing we wish they'd change is the HEPA filter... it is not a true HEPA filter. But other than that the price is reasonable and the Customer Service is incredible. Beyond that, they offer a 10-year warranty. We think the Oransi Max is definitely worth a try.


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