Germguardian Ac5250pt Air Purifier Review

Mid-range air purifiers are the trickiest category to buy from. It’s difficult to tell which actually work, and which will fail to reward your investment. Fortunately, some brands stand above the rest, and the best products have the features, branding, and customer sentiment to prove their value before you buy. Today, we’re checking out the Germguardian Ac5250pt.

Germguardian Ac5250pt

The Guardian Technologies Brand

Guardian Technologies makes a number of products to improve the quality of customers’ home environments. These range from spa products to humidifiers. Their air purifiers run towards the middle of the market. They’re more affordable than some of the leading brands, like Alen, and they still perform well. The brand backs up its products with warranties, and they also provide services for users who need to ask product-related questions.  Ultimately, their products speak for themselves.

GermGuardian Ac5250pt Purifier Review


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The heart of every air purifier is in its filters. Superior products use multiple stages of filtration, each of which targets a different airborne contaminant. This product includes three levels of filtration. A true HEPA filter removes 99.97 percent of allergens and serves as the primary defense against airborne particles. The Ac5250pt’s HEPA filter has an extra level of protection. A Pet Pure chemical treatment prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria on the filter itself. Since HEPA filters often collect moisture as they skim particles out of the air, they are very susceptible to these growths, especially if you don’t frequently replace your filters.

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A charcoal filter absorbs the gases that carry odors from smoking, pets, and cooking. The same filter also extends the life of the purifier. A UV-C light with Titanium Oxide destroys living microbes, such as germs, viruses, and mold. Together, the three filters boost the others’ productivity to give you the cleanest air possible.


The Germguardian AC5250pt is a digital tower that stands twenty-eight inches tall. It fits well into corners, and fits between furniture well. However, the tower definitely looks like an air purifier or tower fan. It doesn’t draw attention, but it doesn’t blend in as well as some more expensive systems. The trade-off errs on the side of efficiency, however, which ensures the product won’t be hindered by unnecessary frills.

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A digital panel allows users to easily run and adjust the system. A filter indicator informs users when the existing filters are no longer working at peak efficiency. There’s even a timer so users can manage the purifier’s performance up to eight hours in the future.

Coverage and Power Usage

A single unit covers up to 193 square feet, making it perfect for living rooms, large bedrooms, and similar spaces. It doesn’t cost much to operate, either. While most products are moving towards energy efficiency, a lot of the market still has a long way to go. The Germguardian AC5250pt is CADR rated 125+. It also boasts Energy Star certification. Running the tower on lower speeds will, naturally, save on energy costs, too. Five fan speeds allow users to clean heavily contaminated air quickly or maintain a standard of cleanliness with a whisper-quiet night mode. By alternating between these, you can save the greatest amount on your energy bill. The timer setting, mentioned above, can be strategically utilized for energy savings as well as convenience.


The quality of a product can be demonstrated by its warranty. The best go beyond a thirty day guarantee. A five year warranty makes the Germguardian AC5250pt a safe investment. If something goes wrong, or your product malfunctions, support is within easy reach. A warranty represents more than a protection for your investment, though. It also represents peace of mind, so you can relax and enjoy your cleaner, fresher air.

Customer Sentiment

Many users struggled with allergies, and they found this product did a marvelous job removing allergy and asthma triggers from their homes. The charcoal filter also did a great job removing odors, even the sharp stink from litter boxes. Families with older carpets found they had fewer coughing fits with the air purifier running. Since the purifier can handle medium to large sized rooms, this makes it perfect for carpeted living areas and master bedrooms. The product received high praise overall, and many previous buyers have strongly recommended this purifier.


The most common critique was that the filters needed to be replaced fairly often due to the volume of air the unit processes. This has a lot to do with pre existing air quality, however, and results ranged between users. There was, however, one serious critique. One previous buyer ran the purifier in a child’s room. The machine made a loud pop and began emitting smoke. It appeared to have shorted out, and the user was afraid this might have started a fire if not caught promptly. Another, less dire concern involved the UV light. Apparently, if you look at the machine from just the right angle, you can see the UV generator. This could cause damage to the eyes if users look at it for too long.

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Final Thoughts

The Germguardian AC5250pt is a great product for most shoppers. Its slightly better than the ubiquitous GermGuardian 4825. It has a better range than many comparable purifiers, and even if it doesn’t disappear into your home décor, it’s reasonably unobtrusive. The various fan speeds allow for control over power use without compromising performance. As far as filters go, the system is strong. The positive feedback from allergy and asthma sufferers backs up the fact that it works efficiently, and the design doesn’t allow air to leak around rather than through those great filters.

Still, this product isn’t for everyone. Although it was likely a one-off manufacturing flaw, the report of a short in an operating purifier should raise concern. While this system is great for adults, shoppers may want to think twice before leaving it in a child’s room. The fact that the attractively bright UV light may be visible is also a hazard for small children.

Customers with a small living space, or those looking for single room purification, would get the most use out of this product. The fact that it even had an impact on the residual irritants left in carpet shows that it works well. It’s also fairly budget-friendly, and does more than a good table top purifier could. It’s a worthy investment, even if it does have a few flaws.

Germguardian Ac5250pt


Summary: A great option if you're budget is $200 or less. However, don't expect that it will compare to purifiers like those from Austin Air, Alen, or Rabbit Air. Buy it if you want results in a smaller room without breaking the bank. Skip if you have a slightly larger budget. There are much more effective purifiers in the $300-400+ price range.


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