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Blueair Purifier Review – What Makes Them Great?

Blueair was founded in Sweden with the belief that clean indoor air is a human right. Their air purifiers and air quality monitors are aesthetically designed to blend into a room and to provide pure air without being obtrusive. The brand’s unique features keep air clean and cement Blueair’s place near the top of the market. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with a Blueair purifier.

They provide nearly silent products that feature cutting edge technology. Blueair purifiers have won awards world-wide, been featured in popular magazines, and are even used by the United States government to purify air in foreign embassies. This Blueair air purifier review guide will get you started in choosing the best air purifier for your needs.

Blueair Technology

blueair purifier lineup

Blueair is an innovative company that developed several award-winning designs over the years. Their machines feature technology that you cannot find anywhere else. We’ve summarized the role and function of some of Bluair’s best and most popular features below.

E-series Technology

Blueair’s base models all feature a simple knob for adjustments. However, their line of e-series models all feature special digital technology. These digital features include two sensors: an optic laser sensor and a ceramic sensor. These sensors allow the machine to detect odors and gas in addition to particle count. This gives e-series machines the ability to adjust fan speeds automatically when they detect higher levels of impurities in the air. This is a great feature for allergy patients who suffer from airborne pollen. Pollen levels rise and fall throughout the day, with the worst concentrations often coming in the early morning. Air purifiers that can adjust to handle this increase allow users to sleep soundly and wake refreshed.

blueair purifier e series control systemE-series models also feature a digital display that works together with the sensors to display the current air quality in the room. Along with these features, Bluair’s e-series models include a timer and an indicator light to alert you when the filter is in need of a replacement. These features work together to make appliance use and maintenance as easy as possible.

Digital units also include two universal remotes that allow you to turn the machine on and off. Users can also use the remotes to adjust fan speeds manually from anywhere in the room. If users wake with allergy symptoms, they can quickly increase the fan speed for easier breathing. This is an especially important feature for users who need air purifiers for medical reasons.

SmokeStop Filters

smokestop filter for blueair purifier

One of Blueair’s most notable innovations is their trademark SmokeStop filters. These filters are designed specially to eliminate harmful odors and other gaseous pollutants. This makes them a great choice for smokers looking to keep their homes free of secondhand smoke.

This technology is made possible via the use of activated carbon, which has been used as a method of filtration for both air and water for hundreds of years. Carbon is special because it is extremely porous, which allows it to absorb impurities like a sponge. These filters are excellent for eliminating odors and gases like smoke because activated carbon has the ability to trap extremely small particles. Despite their high efficiency, HEPA filters are not as effective at removing such contaminants. Together, activated carbon and HEPA filters can remove the widest possible range of pollutants.

SmokeStop filters are special because they contain higher amounts of activated carbon than the carbon filters commonly found in air purifiers. They are, therefore, more effective than regular carbon filters. SmokeStop filters are available for use in all 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 series models.


SurroundAir Technology

blueair purifier SurroundAir technology

Blueair’s trademark SurroundAir technology was designed to maximize clean air delivery quietly and effectively. While most air purifiers cycle air through the front of the machine and send it out the back, SurroundAir machines pull in air from the bottom and sides. SurroundAir releases purified air from the top and sides. This unique airflow design cuts down on noise and also eliminates the drafts caused by most air purifiers on the market. SurroundAir technology is found in all 503, 603, 650E, and ECO10 models.

HEPASilent Technology

HEPA filters were designed for use in the Second World War to protect soldiers from harmful chemicals. After the war, they were incorporated for use in a variety of other products. Eventually, they were adopted as the gold standard for air purifiers filters. In the years since, they’ve been further perfected for their role in air purifiers and continue to hold a place of honor in air purification technology.

HEPA filters work differently than standard paper filters, which work by simply blocking large particles from moving through the filter. Instead, HEPA filters target pollutants by attracting them to the filter, where they stick and become trapped. HEPA filters are also regulated by the government to be effective at removing 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns from the air.

Blueair has taken HEPA technology to the next level with HEPASilent. This filtration process uses an ionizer in conjunction with a HEPA filter. This makes HEPASilent more effective than standard filtration methods because particles are electronically charged, causing them to adhere more strongly to the fibers in the HEPA filter. Potential buyers with upper respiratory conditions such as asthma should consult with a doctor before buying an air purifier with an ionizer, however, as it may aggravate their symptoms.

Blueair Purifier Best Sellers

Blueair 650E Digital HEPASilent

The 650E is Blueair’s premier model. It comes fitted with all of Blueair’s signature technologies, and also boasts the world’s highest clean air delivery rate. It is also designed with enough power to purify the air in large rooms of up to 700 square feet. Although it is a large unit, it is designed with the same pleasing aesthetics that allow Blueair machines to blend into any room.

Customer Sentiment

Users report that this unit filters air very thoroughly. They noticed visible evidence that it cleaned dust out of the air, and allergy patients found significant relief from their symptoms. Even satisfied users, however, had significant issues with the inconveniently placed control panel. A few users had some trouble with this unit in their bedrooms. They claimed the blue light kept them awake, and they also found the product to be significantly louder than other Blueair air purifiers. Several users had problems with customer service, and others had the remote and/or manual missing from their delivered units.

Blueair Purifier 650E


  • E-Series digital technology with automatic setting and remote
  • 4 fan speeds in manual mode
  • Trademark HEPASilent filter
  • SurroundAir technology for optimized airflow
  • Energy Star certified


  • Larger machine that takes up some space
  • Digital display inconveniently placed on the side of the machine


Blueair 203 HepaSilent Air-Purification System

The 203 is Blueair’s most compact machine. However, despite its small size, it effectively cleans the air in rooms of up to 240 square feet, making it perfect for use in smaller bedrooms. Like all other Blueair machines, it sports both sleek styling and solid construction. It is also simple to operate, and filter replacement is a breeze. Make sure to read the detailed BlueAir 203 air purifier review.

Customer Sentiment

Previous buyers loved this product. Allergy sufferers saw a dramatic improvement in symptoms, even those with lots of pets. Many users found the 203 Slim HepaSilent to work better than its competition. Users reported that it made very little noise and worked perfectly for bedrooms. The only serious critique was that the blue light on the appliance lit up darkened bedrooms when users were trying to sleep.blueair purifier hepasilent air purifier


  • Quiet 3-speed fan that produces pleasant white noise
  • HEPASilent filtration technology
  • Magnetic filter change timer than can be placed on a refrigerator
  • Most affordable Blueair model
  • Built-in handle for portability


  • Does not include SurroundAir technology
  • Blue light may disturb sleep


Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System

Blueair’s mid-sized model is the perfect compromise between power and portability. It is powerful enough to operate in rooms of up to 365 square feet but light enough to move around the house with ease. The 403 is Blueair’s best-seller, and has won the Excellent Swedish Design Award. It also boasts a permanent spot in the Stockholm National Museum.

Customer Sentiment

Previous buyers loved this product and gave it high praise. Although a few mentioned that it appeared a bit bulky in small rooms, the difference in air quality was almost immediately evident. Users found the unit had superior, sturdier construction compared to other brands. The product also lives up to its claims of portability, as several users mentioned moving it around the house fairly easily.

blueair purifier - model 403


  • HEPASilent filtration technology
  • Double-suction radial fan produces a pleasantly quiet sound
  • Simple knob to choose between 4 different fan speeds
  • Magnetic filter change timer
  • Best value of all Blueair models
  • Enery Star certified


  • Does not include SurroundAir technology, but cycles air through the sides of the machine
  • Light may interrupt sleep


Blueair Aware Indoor Air Quality Monitor 

blueair purifier - monitoring solution

Unlike the other products in our list, the Blueair Aware is an air monitor rather than a purifier. While many top of the line air purifiers come with sensors, the majority do not. Older models that still work perfectly well may not have sensors, which allow users to use their air purifiers most efficiently. The Aware monitors more than most air purifier sensors, too. In addition to dust particles and allergens, the Aware monitors carbon dioxide, total VOC, temperature, and humidity. After every scan, the Aware sends an update wirelessly to a smartphone app, allowing homeowners to monitor their home’s air quality at any time.

Customer Sentiment

This product uses a lot of highly advanced technology. Unfortunately, that means it still has some bugs that need to be worked out. While future models are sure to improve on these issues, feedback for the current product is clearly split between users with working appliances and disappointed buyers. In some cases the Wi-Fi connection that allows Blueair aware to inform users via app of their quality simply didn’t work. Others had issues with the sensor, which never changed its report, even when moved into different rooms or after opening and closing windows. Some users also disliked the bulky wall plug. Since the Aware has no independent battery system, it must remain plugged in at all times. Despite all this, those who received functional models enjoyed their air quality monitor. It gave them a sense of safety and helped those with medical concerns rest easy, trusting the system to alert them to danger.


  • Allows remote air quality monitoring
  • Monitors everything from airborne particles to dangerous gases
  • No batteries required


  • Development flaws/bugs
  • Many initial buyers received broken products


Final Verdict

Blueair offers some of the best air purifiers on the market. Each model has slightly different features, but all feature similar appealing designs. Even though some models require more space than models like the Slim, their design helps them blend into your home as unobtrusively as possible.

The 650E is one of Blueair’s best large machines, and it is suitable for most applications. Since it can handle up to 700 square feet, it certainly provides the best range out of all the products listed here. It’s size is more appropriate for large, open spaces, and may take too much space in a small bedroom or study. The design and location of the control panel make situating the device in a room even trickier. Despite a few complaints from users about bad customer service and missing parts, however, this machine has proven itself in the eyes of previous buyers. It is a little dated, though.

For those looking for a slightly more affordable option with one or two fewer features, the 403 would be an excellent choice, especially for smaller rooms. It’s arguably the best product on our list. Although it can’t handle as much air as the 650E can, it has had more consistent feedback and causes fewer headaches thanks to streamlined design features.

The Aware is an example of great technology that will be far more functional when the updated model comes out. It is ambitious, and it works great with other Blueair technology. Until the bugs are solved, however, you may have to contend with serious errors.

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